Gil Brewer was born Nov. 20, 1922 in Cauandaigua, NY. After leaving the army at the end of WWII, he joined his family who had settled in St. Petersburg, Florida. There he met Verlaine in 1947 and married her soon after. Brewer started by writing serious novels, but soon turned to pulp paperbacks after a sale to Gold Medal Books in 1950.
At one point, he had five books on the stands. At his height, he was a brilliant writer of sharply defined noir thrillers, usually involving a male protagonist driven to crime by the sexual allure of a young siren. But unwilling to promote himself, his career took a turn for the worse after a mental breakdown, and a long decline into alcoholism. Brewer died on Jan. 9, 1983.

  • The Red Scarf / A Killer is Loose
  • 978-1-944520-55-7
  • "A noir Everyman, his pregnant wife on the verge of labor, finds his fate accidentally entangled with that of a psychopath. The less you know about the plot, the better—this is a creepy classic."—David Rachels. "A great noir novel."—James Reasoner, Rough Edges. October 2018.

  • Flight to Darkness / 77 Rue Paradís
  • 978-1-944520-58-8
  • "Murder, madness, swamps, gators, a savagely beautiful woman... it doesn@apos;t get much better than this for noir fans."—James Reasoner, Rough Edges. New introduction by David Rachels. February 2018.
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  • The Erotics / Gun the Dame Down / Angry Arnold
  • 978-1-933586-88-5
  • Three previously unpublished novels from the master of sexy, frantic action thrillers. A disgraced artist is framed for murder, a private detective is hired as the perfect patsy and a serial killer stalks the Florida streets in these rare treasures from the feverish mind of Gil Brewer. New introduction by Chris Morgan.
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  • Nude on Thin Ice / Memory of Passion
  • 978-1-933586-53-3
  • Two rare and classic Brewer thrillers from the early 1960s. A lonely widow, a hot-eyed tramp, and a half a million bucks create a recipe for murder in Nude on Thin Ice. In Memory of Passion, a phone call in the night summons a man into a world of secret desire and sudden violence. Two steamy noirs as only Brewer can write them. Available now.
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  • A Devil for O'Shaugnessy / The Three-Way Split
  • 1-933586-20-6
  • An all new Brewer novel, never before in print, together with one of his classic noirs from 1960 plus three rare short stories! Also included is a new introduction by David Laurence Wilson that discusses Brewer’s life.

  • Wild to Possess / A Taste for Sin
  • 1-933586-10-9
  • Two frantic noirs that Anthony Boucher of the NYTimes called a "wild, incredible, yet somehow compelling hyperbole in both crime and sex." Includes essays by wife Verlaine Brewer and Bill Pronzini.
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