Alan Geoffrey Yates was born August 1, 1923, in Ilford, England. While serving in the Royal Navy in 1945, he met his future wife, Denise McKellar, and in 1948 the married couple moved to Australia. Yates worked there as a salesman, a newsstand supplier, a film sound recordist and an encyclopaedia salesman before becoming a publicity writer for Qantas Airways. In 1951 he signed a 30-year contract with Horwitz Publishing House, known for its comics and pulp fiction, and eventually turned to writing mysteries, first as "Peter Carter Brown," then simply "Carter Brown." Yates wrote nearly 300 Carter Brown thrillers, creating five different series characters, including Police Lieutenant Al Wheeler of Pine City. Yates passed away on May 5, 1985, and was posthumously awarded Australia's leading literary award for crime writing, a Ned Kelly, in 1997.

  • Al Wheeler #2: No Harp for My Angel / Booty for My Babe / Eve, Itís Extortion
  • 978-1-944520-44-1
  • The 4th-6th Al Wheeler mysteries from bestselling author, Carter Brown. The first two have never appeared in U.S. editions before. "A very high recommendation."óJames Reasoner, Rough Edges. May 2018.

  • Al Wheeler #1: The Wench is Wicked/Blonde Verdict/Delilah Was Deadly
  • 978-1-944520-33-5
  • The first three novels in the Al Wheeler series by the one-and-only, incredibly prolific Carter Brown. A first time U.S. publication for The Wench is Wicked! New introduction by the author's son, Chris Yates. October 2017.
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