Don Elliott is better known under his real name, Robert Silverberg, where he has forged a career as one of science fiction’s most respected writers and editors. Author of such seminal works as Hawksbill Station, Dying Inside, A Time of Changes and Downward to the Earth, as well as the more recent Majipoor Chronicles, he has also produced innumerable non-fiction works, historical novels and hundreds of erotic books for such publishers as Nightstand and Midwood Books in the 1950’s and early 60’s. He has written under many names, but his most off-used pseudonym for Nightstand was “Don Elliott.” Silverberg lives and continues to write in Oakland, CA.

  • Lust Queen / Lust Victim
  • 978-1-93358667-8
  • Two erotic crime classics from science fiction master, Robert Silverberg, including a revamped introduction which discusses the two Lust books, originally published by Midnight Reader in the 1960s. Both books are highly readable stories, one examining the price of vanity and fame, and the other showing how a rape can destroy a marriage. Publication date: August 2014.

  • Gang Girl / Sex Bum
  • 1-933586-34-6
  • Two compulsively readable erotic novels written by Robert Silverberg under his Don Elliott pseudonym for Nightstand Books. Back in print after 50 years with an introduction by the author. "Don Elliott is my kind of writer."  says Andrew Shaw, author of Campus Tramp.
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