Basil Heatter, the son of radio commentator Gabriel Heatter, was born on Long Island on March 26, 1918. He attended schools in Connecticut, then went abroad when was 16 for a two year travel stint through Europe. Returning to America, he went to work for a New York advertising agency. He enlisted in the Navy in 1940 and during WWII served as a skipper on a P.T. boat in the Southwest Pacific. Besides being a news commentator himself, Heatter wrote twenty novels of intrigue and adventure—beginning with The Dim View in 1946, the story of a young PT boat skipper—as well as several non-fiction works revolving around his love of the sea. In fact, he lived for years off Key West on his own self-built sailboat, The Blue Duck. He passed away June 12, 2009, in Miami, Florida.

  • Virgin Cay/Night Out
  • 978-1-944520-27-4
  • Two thrillers set in the Florida Keys. "A combination of a seafaring novel by Charles Williams and an early John D. MacDonald work, with its shady players entangled in an island soap opera."—August West, Vintage Hardboiled Reads. July 2017.
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