Born in Brooklyn on June 18, 1889, Elisabeth Sanxay knew she wanted to be a writer by the time she was six. At sixteen she completed her first story. She published the first of several contemporary novels in 1920 but turned to mysteries when the Depression changed the market. Self-taught as a writer, she developed her style by translating English into other languages, then translating other languages into English. Holding published 25 novels in her lifetime — 18 of them mysteries — and a wide variety of short stories. She married British diplomat George E. Holding in 1913 and together with their two daughters they traveled widely in South America and the Caribbean before settling in Bermuda for a number of years. She died in the Bronx section of New York City on February 7, 1955.

  • The Unlit Lamp & Selected Stories
  • 978-1-944520-69-4
  • A classic 1920s social drama, paired with a collection of six stories from the same period. "Subtle, psychologically nuanced portraits of women making sense of troubled marriages [and] conflicted relationships."—Sarah Weinman, Troubled Daughters, Twisted Wives. Introduction by Judith Rose Ardron. October 2018.

  • Widow's Mite / Who's Afraid
  • 978-1-944520-34-2
  • Two suspense classics from the author of The Blank Wall. "The author has succeeded admirably in depicting the mounting horror and suspense."—NY Times. February 2018.

  • Kill Joy / The Virgin Huntress
  • 978-1-933586-97-7
  • "Another beautiful study in the subtle and miasmic horror of emotions such as only Mrs. Holding can bring off."—San Francisco Chronicle. "More terrifying depth and value than most books of twice its length."—Anthony Boucher, New York Times. New introduction by Jake Hinkson. June 2016.

  • Speak of the Devil / The Obstinate Murderer
  • 978-1-933586-71-7
  • Holding has been hailed by such wide-ranging tastes as that of Raymond Chandler, Ed Gorman, Sarah Weinman and Christopher Morley. Her novels have been filmed, her stories collected into year's best anthologies. Here we present two more of her superlative suspense classics, the first one a story of murder aboard a cruise ship, the second the story of an aging alcoholic who is called in to solve a murder that hasn't happened yet. Due February 2015.


  • The Unfinished Crime / The Girl Who Had to Die
  • 978-1-933586-41-0
  • "Elisabeth Sanxay Holding is noted for the ingenuity of her plots, but in The Unfinished Crime she has created a masterpiece of suspense." —New York Sun. Two superb suspense novels from the author of The Innocent Mrs. Duff.

  • The Old Battle Axe / Dark Power
  • 1-933586-16-8
  • “For subtlety, realistic conviction, incredible economy, she’s in a class by herself.” –Anthony Boucher, New York Times. “Tense situations and almost unbearable suspense.” –St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

  • The Strange Crime in Bermuda / Too Many Bottles
  • 0-9749438-5-1
  • “The top suspense writer of them all.”—Raymond Chandler. Never before in paperback!

  • The Death Wish / Net of Cobwebs
  • 0-9667848-9-8
  • "Net of Cobwebs tells a truly bizarre tale of a war vet with shaky nerves who becomes convinced that he's murdered his domineering elderly aunt. Has the structure of a parlor room mystery story written by David Goodis." —Jake Hinkson, Criminal Element.

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  • Lady Killer / Miasma
  • 0-9667848-7-1
  • Two classic novels of suspense from the 30’s and 50’s. Introduction by Gregory Shepard