Born Gunard Hjerstedt in Chicago in 1903, Keene became an actor in repertory theater in the early 1920’s. When his actor friends decided to try film, he instead turned to writing, and during the 1930’s was a principal writer for the “Little Orphan Annie” radio show, as well as contributing to the pulps.
After he moved to the west coast of Florida, he began writing paperback originals in the late 1940’s, mostly fast-paced crime stories. By the 1960’s, he had abandoned mysteries for mainstream novels. He died in North Hollywood in 1969.

  • Sleep With the Devil / Wake Up to Murder / Joy House
  • 978-1-944520-20-5
  • Three early 1950s noir crime thrillers from a master of the genre. "Day Keene packs a knockout combination: sharp dialogue, pacey plots, superbly rounded characters." —Allan Guthrie. New introduction by David Lawrence Wilson. April 2017.

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  • Framed in Guilt / My Flesh is Sweet
  • 0-9749438-8-6
  • A mystery set in post-WWII Los Angeles and an early 50’s thriller set in Mexico and a Midwest carny town—new introduction by Ed Gorman.