Born and raised in Carthage, Illinois, Tracy Knight is a clinical psychologist and university professor. His short fiction has appeared in numerous anthologies in a variety of genres, including suspense, mystery, science fiction, western and horror. He also is the author of a Western novel, Beneath a Whiskey Sky. His nonfiction, primarily focusing on psychological topics, includes a chapter in the Writer's Digest book On Writing Horror. Tracy and his wife, Sharon, live in Macomb, Illinois.

  • The Astonished Eye
  • 978-1-933586-84-7
  • Tracy Knight takes the story of one man's search for his identity and blends it into a tale of fantasy, mystery and science fiction, with all the charm of a modern American fable. "This is an impressive first novel. There is a very surreal undertone running throughout the book… but, in addition to the whimsical he also manages to tell a compelling story." —The Eternal Night. Available Oct. 2014.