Jonathan E. Lewis is an editor and a writer who divides his time between Connecticut and Southern California. After working for many years as a foreign policy analyst in Washington D.C., he has shifted his career focus to supernatural fiction, film history, and popular culture.

  • Strange Island Stories
  • 978-1-944520-43-4
  • The strange island story utilizes island locations to examine human society and human nature, taking the reader on a journey into the weird, the bizarre, the scary, and the unsettling. Nineteen classic tales from Doyle, Blackwood, London, Lovecraft, Shiel and more. March 2018.

  • Ancient Egyptian Supernatural Tales
  • 978-1-944520-05-2
  • A superb collection of stories in which ancient Egyptian mysticism, mummies, and other supernatural occurrences play a significant role, including tales by Edgar Allan Poe, Louisa May Alcott, Arthur Conan Doyle, Tennessee Williams, H. Rider Haggard, Algernon Blackwood, Sax Rohmer and more. July 2016.
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