Lion Books began in 1949 as Red Circle Books, part of the Martin Goodman publishing empire that also included such magazines as For Men Only, Stag and Movie World, as well as various pulps and the early version of Marvel Comics. Lion Books only lasted for nine years, but during that time at least a third of their books were noir reprints and originals. Under the editorship of Arnold Hano, Lion Books published early novels by Jim Thompson, David Goodis, Robert Bloch, Richard Matheson, Day Keene, Shirley Jackson and many other authors who went on to popular or cult success. The three books in this first collection represent some of the hidden treasures of the Lion Books line, crime novels from the early 1950s—the golden age of the paperback!

  • Tall, Dark &s; Dead by Kermit Jaedeker / The Savage Chase by Frederick Lorenz / Run the Wild River by D. L. Champion
  • 978-1-944520-75-5
  • Three 1950s noir treasures from Lion Books. "Reading these books is like watching late night film noir on late night TV with the lights out."—Rick Ollerman. "A punch in the gut!"—James Reasoner, Rough Edges. June 2019.

  • Hero's Lust by Kermit Jaediker / The Man I Killed by Shel Walker / House of Evil by Clayre & Michel Lipman
  • 978-1-944520-02-1
  • Three forgotten noir novels from the 1950s from the paperback publisher who first promoted the careers of Jim Thompson and David Goodis—Lion Books. Big city sins and forbidden desires! July 2016.

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