Timothy J. Lockhart is a lawyer and former U.S. Navy officer who worked with the CIA, DIA, and Office of Naval Intelligence. He has published articles and book reviews in a variety of publications, including Naval Intelligence Quarterly, Naval War College Review, and The Virginian-Pilot. Smith is his first novel. He lives in Norfolk, Virginia, with his wife and daughter.

  • Pirates
  • 978-1-944520-67-0
  • From the author of Smith. When a former Navy SEAL rescues a woman from a sinking boat, he enters a world of ruthless drug smugglers and double agents. "This taut and intelligently written novel will take you on a roller coaster ride." —Bradley Harper, author of A Knife in the Fog. April 2019.

  • Smith
  • 978-1-944520-23-6
  • "Smith — just Smith — is a tough as nails killer, a secret operative and tough fighter, and Timothy J. Lockhart makes this adventure a compelling must read." —Gary Lovisi, Paperback Parade magazine. "You'll have a hard time putting this novel down — and won't want to."—Lou Berney, Edgar winning author.

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