“Charles Runyon was one of the good ones who got lost in the boom times of the late sixties and early seventies. He had the grim and grit of the true outsider in his books. That he seemed fascinated by madhouses was probably no coincidence.” —Ed Gorman

  • Object of Lust
  • 979-8-88601-018-3
  • A strange young man saves Marian from drowning, then begins to follow her around, watching everything she does. "Charles Runyon wrote some of the most innovative and powerful paperback originals in the 1960s and 1970s."—Ed Gorman. Black Gat #43.

  • The Vengeance Man / Park Avenue Tramp / The Prettiest Girl I Ever Killed: A Trio of Gold Medals
  • 1-933586-14-1
  • Three distinctive thrillers from the golden era of the paperbacks, all originally published by Gold Medal Books in the late 1950s and mid-1960s. New introductions by Charles Kelly and Ed Gorman.