Ronald Douglas Sanderson was born in Kent, England, in 1920, emigrating to Canada in 1947 after a stint with the Merchant Navy and the R.A.F during WWII. Here he worked in a Kellogg's factory, as a jewelry salesman, and as a cabaret singer before publishing his first literary novel, Dark Passions Subdue, in 1952. Drawing inspiration from Mickey Spillane, Sanderson developed a leaner style and started writing hardboiled mysteries under the names Martin Brett and Malcolm Douglas.
He left Canada in the early 50s, traveled around the U.S. and Europe, and eventually settled in Spain, where he married and had a son. Sanderson published nearly 25 thrillers in his lifetime, three of which were published only in France where he enjoyed more popularity than the U.S. He died in Alicante, Spain, in 2002.

  • Night of the Horns / Cry Wolfram
  • 978-1-933586-72-4
  • Night of the Horns is a seedy tale of a lawyer whose life is ripped apart when he agrees to do a job for a racketeer, and Cry Wolfram is the story of cross-and-double-cross affair that takes place on the coast of Spain. Two of Sanderson's best! Publisher Greg Shepard provides the introduction. Due April 2015.
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  • Pure Sweet Hell / Catch a Fallen Starlet
  • 0-9749438-2-7
  • Two edge-of-the-seat thrillers from the late 1950s, one a frantic search for a drug connection in coastal Spain, the other a murder mystery set in Hollywood. Includes new introductions by the author's son, John Sanderson, and by Kevin Burton Smith.