Charlie Stella is a former window cleaner/word processor/knockaround guy. He left his knockaround life after meeting his wife (for whom he wrote his first published novel in an attempt to impress her). He’s since written eight critically acclaimed crime novels about the New York City underworld that feature recurring characters on both sides of the law.
Johnny Porno is his first venture into the past as it takes place in 1973 when the New York mob was at the height of its power, disco was king and the business of pornography was about to explode across America after a New York City criminal court banned the most famous of all porn flicks, Deep Throat.

  • Tommy Red
  • 978-1-933586-96-0
  • A publishing event! Stella's first new novel since 2012's Rough Riders. Tommy Dalton is a hit man with family issues in the form of an angry ex-wife. But when a hit goes wrong, it's suddenly payback time—for everyone. "Stella's characters are all too believable." —Library Journal. April 2016.

  • Johnny Porno
  • 1-933586-29-x
  • Our first original crime novel from the author of Eddie's World, Jimmie Bench-Press and Charlie Opera. A New York tale of the streets. 
     “Combine equal parts Mario Puzo and Elmore Leonard, throw in a dash of George V. Higgins and a pinch of Donald E. Westlake and who do you get? Charlie Stella, that's who." Robert Wade, San Diego Union Tribune
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  • Rough Riders
  • 978-1-933586-39-7
  • The sequel to Charlie Stella's first book, Eddie's World. Ten years have passed and the action has moved from the streets of New York to the prairie state of North Dakota. What happens when a multiple murderer, the mob, a former cop, and the FBI mix it up in the frozen heartland?
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