Wilson Toney was born in 1952 and was raised on a farm. Being a lazy person, he found that the farm life was too much work for too little remuneration, so he became a registered engineer. For close to fifty years he plied his trade and as a result visited 48 of the 50 states and at least fifteen different countries. After retiring, Wilson took up writing. His first work of note is Alibi for a Dead Man. Wilson has published two technical books under another name and a movie adaptation for an independent film. Wilson has been married for over forty years to the only woman that would put up with him. His only claim to fame is that he used to live across the way from a man who married a lady that was hit by a meteorite (and yes, that's a true story).

  • Alibi for a Dead Man
  • 978-1-944520-86-1
  • Two cops, Bug and Roche, are given the task of solving the perfect crime, a bank heist committed by a dead man. Winner of the 2019 Carter Brown Mystery Writing Contest! December 2019.