Lionel White was born July 9, 1905 in New York City. He started his career as a police reporter and true crime magazine editor, and turned those experiences toward fiction writing with his first novel, The Snatchers, in 1953, about a failed kidnapping. He wrote more than 35 books, many of them translated into different languages and turned into films like The Night of the Following Day, The Money Trap, The Big Caper, Pierrot le Fou and perhaps most famously, The Killing, adapted by Stanley Kubrick from White’s novel, Clean Break. He was considered the master of the big caper, and was credited by director Quentin Tarantino with the inspiration for his film, Reservoir Dogs. White died December 26, 1985, in Asheville, North Carolina.

  • The Snatchers / Clean Break
  • 978-1-944520-19-9
  • Two classic caper novels from the early 1950s. Clean Break was filmed as The Killing by Stanley Kubrick in 1956. "One of the best thrillers I've read this or any season."—Jack Webb. New introduction by Rick Ollerman. March 2017.
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  • Marilyn K / The House Next Door
  • 978-1-933586-87-8
  • A lone driver picks up a beautiful woman and gets more than he bargained for, and the perfect heist is made complicated when a drunken neighbor climbs in the wrong window. From the author of Clean Break, filmed in 1956 by Stanley Kubrick as The Killing. Introduction by Brian Greene. Due November 2015.
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