Harry Whittington was born in Ocala, Florida, in 1915. When his family moved to a nearby farm, Harry survived his family’s rural poverty by reading books and sneaking into the local movie theater. Another escape was his writing. Ultimately the versatile Whittington would become known as “King of the Paperbacks,” publishing over 170 original paperback novels, using nearly 20 different names.
Before his death in 1989, Whittington also carved out a second career writing Southern historical novels as Ashley Carter. Today he is best known for the lurid and brisk noir novels he wrote between 1950 and 1960.

  • Trouble Rides Tall / Cross the Red Creek / Desert Stake-out
  • 978-1-944520-11-3
  • Three hard-bitten noir westerns. "Tough, lean, and gritty... Desert Stake-Out stands out amidst Whittington's already outstanding body of work as one of his best."—Cullen Gallagher, Pulp Serenade. New introduction by David Laurence Wilson. November 2016.

  • Rapture Alley / Winter Girl / Strictly for the Boys
  • 1-933586-36-2
  • Three rare novels of death and desire. “Plenty of twists, turns and complications.” Eric Peterson, The Restless Kind. New introduction by David Laurence Wilson.

  • To Find Cora / Like Mink Like Murder / Body & Passion
  • 1-933586-25-7
  • Three very rare novels from one of the most prolific noir authors: To Find Cora, originally published as Cora Was a Nympho! in 1963. Like Mink, Like Murder, originally published in France as T'as des Visions! in 1957, and re-written as Passion Hangover as by J. X. Williams in 1965. And Body and Passion, the first book published under the Whit Harrison by-line in 1952.
    New introduction by David Laurence Wilson
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  • A Night for Screaming / Any Woman He Wanted
  • 1-933586-08-7
  • Two gritty noirs from the early 1960s by the author whom Joe R. Lansdale calls "the king of plot and pace." New introduction by David Laurence Wilson, afterward by Bill Crider.