Leigh Brackett was born December 7, 1915 in Los Angeles, California. She published her first story in 1940 (Martian Quest) and her first novel in 1944 (No Good from a Corpse). She continued to produce a variety of science fiction novels and stories, plus hardboiled mysteries and westerns, successfully breaking into screenplay writing in 1946 with The Big Sleep. Brackett married fellow sf-writer Edmond Hamilton in 1946, and moved with him to Kinsman, Ohio. Best known for her science fiction romances, her final screenplay work was on The Empire Strikes Back. Brackett died of cancer in 1978 in Lancaster, California.

  • Stranger at Home by Leigh Brackett
  • 978-1-933586-78-6
  • Originally published as by the actor George Sanders, this domestic mystery by sf author Leigh Brackett is the story of a rich heel who comes back to get even with those who thought they had left him for dead. Due May 2015. Black Gat #3.

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