Bernice Carey

"Carey… was an adept plotter but was more interested in characterization and social comment. In short, she was very much a forerunner of modern literary crime fiction."- Xavier Lechard, At the Villa Rose

Mary Collins

"Here is enough mystery, suspense, and horror to satisfy the most exacting reader."-New York Times

Ruth Fenisong

"Her tales are not cosy, with the more painful aspects of life being carefully woven into the fabric of the text, but neither are they gory, nor overwhelmed by despair - even when the ending avoids fairy-tale-like closure."-Kate Jackson, crossexaminingcrime

Elizabeth Fenwick

"[She] can describe the best and worst of a character in one sentence, and can make a single gesture tell of years of accumulated pain or madness… Fenwick's novels are all beautifully plotted in human intimacy."-Twentieth-Century Crime and Mystery Writers

Dolores Hitchens

"Hitchens had a good ear and a dead-on eye for the various charades played by the human animals."-Ed Gorman, Deadly Women

Elisabeth Sanxay Holding

"Back in the early Thirties, before anybody ever heard of "psychological novels of suspense," Elisabeth Sanxay Holding was writing them, and brilliantly. For subtlety, realistic conviction, incredible economy, she's in a class by herself." -Anthony Boucher

Helen Nielsen

"Nielsen was a superior writer of suspense, with a good grasp of how to keep a plot moving and a really strong empathy with her often highly unusual characters."-Sergio Angelini, Tipping My Fedora

Vin Packer

"Miss Packer's eye and ear for nice distinctions of culture and usage are as acute as those of John O'Hara or Nancy Mitford, and her two protagonists are impressive full-bodied creations." -New York Times

Jean Potts

"Her steady eye, quiet wit, and unfailing compassion make her an important contributor to the modern mystery novel."-Twentieth Century Crime and Mystery Writers. "Potts has a turn of phrase that cuts like a knife."-Paul Burke, NB.

Edna Sherry

"Miss Sherry displays a remarkable flair for plot; she can whip up a story as full of twists as a corkscrew…"-The Boston Globe

Nedra Tyre

"Nedra Tyre's crime fiction reflects the Southern Lady ethos even as it also stands apart from it—and from much of the genre altogether."-Sarah Weinman, CrimeReads

Ruth Sawtell Wallis

"Her writing is always top notch, never dull… There is some sly feminist commentary slipped into the story, too."-J. F. Norris, Pretty Sinister Books