Vin Packer wrote many fine novels in the 1950s and 60s, primarily for Gold Medal Books. They often tackled such topical subjects as sexual orientation and teenage alienation, and sold in the millions. Many of these novels were also superb works of suspense. In reality "Vin Packer" was Marijane Meaker, born in Auburn, New York, a graduate of The University of Missouri. She retired the Packer pseudonym in 1966 and began writing a series of award‐winning young adult novels as M. E. Kerr. She has also written novels under her own name, including the autobiographical Highsmith, a Romance of the 50s, a memoir of mystery writer Patricia Highsmith. She lived in East Hampton, New York, until her death on November 21, 2022.

  • The Girl on the Bestseller List
  • 978-1-933586-98-4
  • They all had a reason to hate Gloria Whealdon after she exposed their lives in her bestselling novel—but only one had a reason to kill. "I've read a number of Vin Packer's books, and this one remains a favorite." —Bill Crider's Pop Culture Magazine. Black Gat #7. May 2016.

  • Something in the Shadows / Intimate Victims
  • 0-9749438-3-5
  • Sophisticated suspense novels from the early 1960’s—new introduction by the author!

  • The Damnation of Adam Blessing / Alone at Night
  • 0-9749438-6-x
  • “Consistently the most sensitive and illuminating writer of paperback originals.”—Anthony Boucher, New York Times
    Two of Packer's best novels, originally published in the early 1960's by Gold Medal Books.

  • Whisper His Sin / The Evil Friendship
  • 1-933586-05-2
  • Two gay & lesbian novels from the 1950's based on true crimes, the latter being a fictionalized account of the New Zealand Parker-Hulme case, filmed by Peter Jackson as Heavenly Creatures.
    New introduction by the author.