Cynthia Campbell Williams lives in the Pacific Northwest in the Shadow of Mt. Rainier. Under the name C.B. Williams, she is the author of several fantasy books that span the subgenres of Young Adult, Space Opera, and Science Fiction. While each story is a grand adventure into time and dimension, her stories are also reflections of contemporary issues such as social norms, relationships, spirituality, and environmentalism. She writes with keen emotional depth, insightful observations on human nature, and a fabulously quirky sense of humor.

  • This Fool's Journey
  • 978-1-933586-37-3
  • Williams' book offers a new look at the Tarot in a series of stories that takes the reader on an "out-of-the-box journey through the mysteries of the Tarot Major Arcana," according to Faith Freewoman, a Tarot reader and teacher with 30 years experience, in her introduction.