James Oliver Causey was born July 12, 1924 in Compton, California, and grew up in nearby Long Beach. He began his writing career with stories written for Weird Tales magazine, but quickly established a talent for crime fiction writing. After serving in the military in World War II, he picked his career back up by writing for Detective Story and several of the science fiction magazines like Galaxy and Orbit. Causey returned to crime writing in the mid-50s, turning out three of the best noir novels of the period. He and his family moved to Laguna Beach, where they lived for many years. Causey passed away there on April 13, 2003.

  • The Baby Doll Murders / Frenzy / Killer Take All
  • 978-1-944520-51-9
  • "A well-written 1950's noir novel that is as suspenseful as it is tough, whose characters are vivid and who make you care … a lost classic."—Brian Greene, Criminal Element. New introduction by Nicholas Litchfield. August 2018.

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