Franklin Perry Collier Jr. was born on June 16, 1905, in Boston, Massachusetts. His father, Franklin Sr., was a newspaper cartoonist known for the character Otto Grow. After graduating from Dartmouth in 1927, Franklin Jr. worked as a newspaper reporter and editor, and later as a writer for the WPA. By 1950, he was the manager of the Communist Party's bookstore in Boston, and he would become a national news story after having issued a party membership card to an undercover FBI agent. Collier committed suicide in 1958.

  • Men, Women, and Rattlesnakes / Sin is Man's Twin
  • 979-8-88601-038-1
  • "While not a horror novel per se, Collier's first novel is a bizarre, grotesque account of small‐town life; calling it a strange book is an understatement…"—Bookseller. New introduction by David Rachels. Staccato Crime Classics #9

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