Storm Constantine was born October 12, 1956, in Stafford, England, and began writing at any early age. In 1985 she started work on the first of her Wraeththu trilogy, The Enchantments of Flesh and Spirit, which was quickly accepted and published in 1987 by MacDonald in the U.K. and by Tor in the U.S. Since then she created many more gothic fantasy novels—including the Grigori and Magravandias trilogies—and three short story collections, including The Oracle Lips and The Thorn Boy and Other Dreams of Dark Desire, both published by Stark House Press. On her way to becoming a successful short story writer and novelist, Constantine has also managed a rock band, worked in experimental video, exhibited and sold her own artwork and became co‐editor with Elise Coquio of Visionary Tongue, a dark fantasy magazine. And in 2002, she created a publishing company, Immanion Press, which specializes in British fantasy. Recent work also included a second Wraeththu trilogy. Constantine died aged 64 on January 14, 2021, after a long illness.

  • The Oracle Lips
  • 0-9667848-0-4
  • Signed/numbered/limited edition hardback collection of the author’s stories.