Harold Robert Daniels was born November 3, 1917, in Winchendon, Massachusetts. He graduated from college in Milford, Connecticut, and became a specialist in the metal industry. He was editor of Metalworking magazine from 1958 to 1972. In the 1950s Daniels began publishing short stories, and in 1955 he published his first novel, In His Blood, which was nominated that year for an Edgar for Best First Novel. John D. MacDonald praised his fourth novel, The Snatch, as "one of the modern classics of crime and punishment." Daniels' last novel and first hardback original, The House on Greenapple Road, was published by Random House in 1966. He died December 4, 1987, in Providence, Rhode Island.

  • The Accused / The Snatch
  • 979-8-88601-048-0
  • "Daniels is a terrific writer who effortlessly captures the thoughts and feelings of the characters… the reader comes to understand how a good decent man could have come to the point of killing his wife."—Dave Wilde. New introduction by Nicholas Litchfield.

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  • The Girl in 304
  • 979-8-88601-001-5
  • "This author delves into each character with such a fine sense of who they are and what motivates them that you feel what they feel. You understand why they feel trapped no matter which way they turn. This is truly good stuff."—Dave Wilde. October 2022. Black Gat #40.

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