Lois Christine Eby was born November 20, 1908 in Wabash, Indiana; her older first cousin John Chester Fleming was born April 27, 1906 in nearby Elkhart, Indiana. When Eby was a young child her family moved to Southern California, where she eventually became a film studio secretary and scriptwriter. Fleming stayed in Indiana until after WWII, when he moved his family to L.A. Eby got her start as co-writer for the 1937 screwball comedy Too Many Wives and Republic's 1938 western serial The Lone Ranger. With Fleming in L.A., he and Eby started writing together in 1944 and turned out six novels, most of them mysteries. After their collaboration ended in 1952, Eby went on to write a series of children's books. Fleming stayed in the film industry and died in his late 50s in Manhattan on January 31, 1964. Eby lived to be 89, and passed away in Lakeland, Florida on September 3, 1998.

  • The Velvet Fleece
  • 979-8-88601-031-2
  • "…pack[s] a punch inside its fleece-lined velvet glove."—Curtis Evans from his introduction. Filmed as Larceny in 1948 starring John Payne, Joan Caulfield and Dan Duryea. Film Noir Classics #3.

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