Richard Horatio Edgar Wallace was born into London poverty as an illegitimate child on April 1, 1875. Joining the joined the army at 21 as a war correspondent, he returned to London burdened with debts. He started to write thrillers in order to raise some income, and soon found success with books like The Four Just Men. Utilizing his experiences in the Congo, he also wrote a series of colorful stories featuring Commissioner Sanders. By 1921, he had become an internationally known author, eventually publishing over 170 novels, 957 short stories and 18 stage plays, with more than 160 films having been made from his work. Wallace moved to Hollywood in the early 1930s where he worked as a scriptwriter for RKO studios. While working on the rough draft of King Kong, he died suddenly on February 10, 1932, from undiagnosed diabetes.

  • Angel of Terror / Kate Plus 10
  • 978-1-944520-15-1
  • Two classic mysteries featuring strong yet diabolical female protagonists. The first is a story of an amoral but beautiful woman and her victims, the second features Kate, headstrong criminal mastermind whose each swindle is bigger than the last. October 2016.

  • Jack O'Judgment / Captains of Souls
  • 978-1-933586-74-8
  • A pair of classic thrillers from the creator of King Kong, the Four Just Men, Mr. J. G. Reeder and other famous characters. Who is the mysterious charlatan who calls himself Jack o'Judgment and eludes both criminals and cops alike? And in Captains of Souls, a woman's honor is at the heart of a crime, but who will take up the cause of a man accused of murder? These two intriguing mysteries also include a new introduction by Ed Hulse. Scheduled for October 2014.