Thomas Francis Morgan Walsh was born September 19, 1908, in New York City, and was educated at Columbia University before working as a reporter for the Baltimore Sun. Walsh began his writing career in 1932 with short stories for pulp magazines like Black Mask, working his way up to the slicks before turning to novels in 1950, and winning the Edgar Award for Best First Novel with Nightmare in Manhattan (filmed as Union Station in 1950 with William Holden). His novel The Night Watch was turned into the 1954 film Pushover with Fred MacMurray and Kim Novak. In all, Walsh published more than fifty short stories and eleven novels, each set in the streets of New York City, many of them featuring Irish-American cops. He died October 21, 1984, in Danbury, Connecticut.

  • The Night Watch / The Dark Window
  • 978-1-951473-71-6
  • "Fast-paced, entertaining read of a cop gone bad in New York City and the efforts to track him down…"—Edward Lengel. "Builds up to an exciting ending… this one is damn good."—Vintage Hardboiled Reads. New introduction by Jim Doherty. November 2021.

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